Boy kills classmate who refused to give him biscuit

A 16- year- old student, Daniel Stroud , has been accused of stabbing his schoolmate through the heart in a row about biscuits in the corridor of Cults Academy , Aberdeen.
Daniel, who was a part - time worker with McDonald ’s , said he was constantly teased about being fat and took weapons to school to try and impress the other kids .
In an interview with policemen , which was played to the jury , he said: “ I never fitted in . I was just trying to be cool . ”
During the interview , filmed hours after his victim, Bailey Gwynne , was killed, Stroud burst into tears as he spoke about family problems .
He told how he contacted his parents and told them he loved them as he waited for policemen to come and take him from the school .
Sixteen- year- old Bailey and Stroud clashed during their lunch break at the top state school in October 2015.
Friends said Bailey, who dreamed of becoming a marine , refused to give Stroud a biscuit . And the pair squared up when someone called Bailey’ s mum Kate “ fat .”
SUN Online reports that moments later, Stroud stabbed Bailey with an eight -inch pen knife and he collapsed moments later in front of horrified teachers and kids .
Experts said Bailey was doomed because his injuries were so severe . Stroud smirked as he sat in the dock when he was cleared of murder. He was later given a nine - year jail sentence for killing Bailey and carrying weapons in school .

News Credit: PUNCH.NG

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