Entertainment: PMAN Bayelsa Set/Inaugurate An Eleco Body For Her Fourth Coming PMAN Bayelsa Chapter Leadership Election.

It is almost a new dawn for the Bayelsa State PMAN leadership as Bayelsa Artistes came out in a very large number to set up/inaugurate an Eleco Body to conduct the fourth coming pman Bayelsa chapter election that will bring about new leadership after many years of unfruitful PMAN reign in the state.

    The six men Eleco comitee which includes the Chairman, secretary and other working members was nominated and inaugurated on the 15th of August 2017 at the NUJ center ,Yenegoa,Bayelsa State. Where previous meetings have been taking place about this same purpose.

     After the inauguration, they (Eleco) was asked by the acting chairman to give a little speech and they all spoke in one direction I.e giving their very best and all to make sure they deliver a free,fair and credible election that will give birth to a Bayelsa PMAN leadership that will Move Bayelsa Music scene forward,better and relate Bayelsa Music to her lost glory.

    The Acting Chairman of the meeting also put a direct call to the national PMAN president (Pretty) and he was glad about the development, talked with the newly inaugurated Eleco chairman in person of Jeffiraino and encouraged them to do what is right so that through this fourth coming leadership, Bayelsa Artistes can get to their desired dreams and also have easy access to relate with the top.

Finally ,the Eleco has been giving a two weeks working mandate to plan and set up a good time and period for the Election.. Until then,we wish the newly inaugurated Eleco the very best and God's wisdom and pray God Bring about the best PMAN leadership in Bayelsa..

News Credit: E-MARK(PR)

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