Writing songs comes to me naturally - Runtown

Singer, Douglas Jack Agu aka Runtown , is still basking in the acclaim generated by his latest single, Mad Over You, which has continued to top charts months after it was released.

The singer shared how the inspiration for the song came about. He said, “I really don’t sit down to think about what I’m going to write. The songs just come to me in different forms. It could be a line or rhythm that I would first think of, and from there, I will work on it and develop it. I have always loved writing songs and it comes naturally to me. I always like to pass messages across with my songs, and it gives me joy when people enjoy my songs.”

Expressing delight at the success of Mad Over You, he said, “I am very excited about the song, because within a short period, the song was everywhere and everybody seemed to loved it. I knew it would be a hit, but I didn’t expect it to trend so fast. I’m grateful to God and this has actually spurred me to do more.”


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