See how many consumers Indomie targets nationwide

Dufil Prima Foods, maker of Indomie brand of noodles, has revealed its intention to reach 10 million Nigerians this year during its annual sampling exercise.

According to the firm, it is an exercise where millions of consumers freely taste the Indomie product.

A statement from the firm quoted the Brand Manager, Indomie Instant Noodles, Mr. Amber Yadav, as saying that the exercise was aimed at bringing back the taste of Indomie to consumers.

He said, “We know things are hard at the moment but people should always remember that there is no price tag that can justify inferiority. Noodles globally are loved by families and when you love your family, you are expected to give them the very best; in the noodles market, that best is Indomie.”
According to him, the sampling exercise will include all variants of Indomie and will be carried out in all geo-political zones in the country.


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