Opuala-Charles Declares For ACCORD Party

•Joins Bayelsa East Senatorial race

A former commissioner for finance and budget in Bayelsa State, Silva Opuala Charles have declared to run for Senate under the platform of the Accord party. 

Opuala declared his intentions to contest for Bayelsa east senatorial district, through an open letter of declaration, signed and issued by him on Wednesday. 

In his letter of declaration, he stated his reasons for contesting, as well as his pledge and agenda. 

“Moreover the word of the Lord came unto me, saying, The hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house; his hands shall also finish it; and thou shalt know that the Lord of hosts hath sent me unto you.”

Zechariah 4:8-9 KJV

In line with the above scripture, the journey we started in January 2018 with tremendous number of followers and believers would not be allowed to end in a visionless manner. A strong foundation had been laid and by the Grace of God, we are on track to complete it.

The bible also says vision always speaks at the end;

“For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry.”

Habakkuk 2:3 KJV

Some people will wonder why this eleventh hour decision after the earlier announcement of maintaining the status quo. This new stance is borne out of a further review of the contextual and conceptual flaws in the decision that was taken and the pressure from constituents and beyond till this moment.

Moreover, we must respect the rights of the electorate to decide who should represent them and not the privileged class. This is the crux of our mindless underdevelopment and the despondency. Hence, I have to make this people - oriented choice for the good of our people.

As Hillary Rodham Clinton puts it,

”Along the way, I have tried not to make the same mistakes twice, to learn, to adapt and to pray for the wisdom to make better choices in the future.”

“It will be most unfortunate for me to be found on the wrong side of history by ignoring the stringent calls of the people and thereby inadvertently contributing to the further degeneration of our Senatorial District. All sensible mortals must endeavor to leave society better than the way they met it and not for any reason reverse the gains already made and those in sight. Let me be on the right side of the people to deepen democracy no matter what it takes and that is my resolve.


“Bayelsa East is probably one of the most endowed senatorial districts in Bayelsa State and possibly in the country, with its cradling as the epicenter of oil and gas evolution in Nigeria following the discovery of crude oil in commercial quantities in Oloibiri in the present Ogbia Local Government Area in the 1956-58 period. With its pioneering status as the oil haven in Nigeria and the efficient contribution to the attraction of multinational oil exploration and production companies with the attendant huge petrodollars to the country; we should have gotten a fair share of the developmental infrastructure which these natural resources have brought to other parts of the country.

“Today, Bayelsa East contributes about 40 percent of our state oil revenues whereas the physical infrastructure and industrial development does not add up to the unassailable contributions. What we have witnessed over the last 40 years is palpable decline in both human capital and infrastructure development. For instance, the last time land reclamation in our major coastal cities like Nembe, Oloibiri, Brass and many others was executed was in 1983 when our own son Chief Melford Okilo of blessed memory was in the saddle as the Governor of the Old Rivers State.

“The population of Bayelsa East was 494,699 by the 2006 National Population Census but now estimated at 661,000 by the current population growth rate of 3 percent per annum.

“On a quick infrastructure audit, the Bayelsa East Senatorial District does not have any tangible Federal presence in terms of functional industry that is capable of providing jobs for our able bodied young men and women. With its auspicious position as the pace setter in the oil exploration and production activities, it should not have been out of place to see a refinery, LNG or other major oil and gas investments in the area but to no avail. Instead ‘Oloibiri the epicenter’ is a neglected and forgotten historical site.

“This disastrous and unwelcome scenario has agitated the minds of Bayelsa Easterners to call for an articulate and insightful representation and leadership at the National Assembly to scramble and make a compelling case for viable opportunities for our people.

“Our vision is to put Bayelsa East to work via an inclusive, impactful, resourceful and prosperous representation along five (5) priority pillars:

(1). Attract Strategic Investment Opportunities

(2). Attract Strategic Development Projects

(3). Attract Strategic Contract Opportunities to critical stakeholders

(4). Build Multi-stakeholders coalition to develop skills Development Colleges in the three (3) LGAs

(5). Work with Multi-lateral Financial Institutions and investors to set up the Bayelsa East Microfinance Institution.

“For contributions at the national level, the vision revolves around propagating legislation on a new revenue model for optimizing the country’s public revenues without tolerating lags on disposable incomes of citizens and bottom lines of corporations.

“A number of key enablers and drivers will be required for the implementation of these transformation pillars. They are as follows:

“Set up the Bayelsa East Vision Center (BEVC) with a highly talented individual as the Director General that will oversee the national office in Abuja to collaborate with our National Assembly representatives to position our qualified men and women to be engaged in national institutions by way of choice employments, appointments as well as local and foreign scholarships.

“Mobilize and build coalition amongst our traditional institutions and communities by promoting unity towards lobbying for key strategic investments for the district such as the FID for the Brass LNG, an Oloibiri Refinery and the Nembe-Brass Road plus many other priority development projects.

“Set up branches of the Bayelsa East Vision Center in each of the local government areas that will engage with development partners and multi-lateral agencies to pursue skills enhancement and promote poverty alleviation measures by driving sustainable funding strategy.

“Ensure effective communication and regular stakeholders engagement to appraise performance in order to stimulate the vision.

“To my colleagues, friends and members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Bayelsa State, as I leave you to pursue this dream, I call for understanding on the part of those who may feel offended by my decision as it does not take away our brotherhood and friendship. It is a decision borne out of an unquenchable vision for the good of society and to deepen our democracy. As you know very well as politicians, there are neither permanent enemies nor friends in politics but permanent interest. Therefore, I look forward to alignments where possible for us to give the best to our people and change the narrative in one ACCORD!!!

“God bless Bayelsa East, God bless Bayelsa, God bless Nigeria.

Together, we can do it!”

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