Special assistant to the Bayelsa State governor on student affairs, Hon. Comr. Atti J Moses has given his words of advice to the youths and students of Bayelsa State and the world at large.

 He said "I refused to Complete my NYSC Registration until I Was given an Appiointment by Governor Dickson.

It all Started in 15th January 2015 when I founded the Peoples Democratic Party students Wing where like minds who were Students then, that believed in the manifestos of the Peoples Democratic Party.
The Peoples Democratic Party Students Wing Members Worked very hard, despite the fact that it was not funded by the Party or any Individual, we gathered funds by Individual Contribution and with it we carried out a lot of Programs and went on Campaign to Various Institutions in the State and also Participated in the Community-to-Co
mmunity Campaigns that his Excellency, The Governor Embarked on . Our Patron Chief TKO Okorotie OFR Gave us a recommendation Letter that got us registered in Bayelsa Unite for Dickson and the little token that we were given by the Campaign organization aided us to a large extent in the course of our Campaigns, when people were busy sharing theirs we were gathering ours.
After graduating from the University, my mates and Peers were ready for NYSC but I was not. Why? Because I was Lobbying for Appointment.
Batch A Stream1 left for Camp, Stream2 left and people Started Murmuring that I didn't graduate, to make their Assertion more Perfect Batch B Stream 1 left for Camp but I was not among, then most persons concluded that I was Expelled from the University because of Student Unionism.
Terrible things happened to me in this period but they are Stories for another day.
I kept on praying and visiting one Leader to another, I was bounced, Insulted on many occasions but I never gave up.
My Reasons were Cristal Clear, I was not too Young to Run, I believed that if People that cannot differentiate Between A and B and people that has not been to the four walls of the University can get appointment or elected into Various Political offices why can't I?
I was Determined, Steadfast and Ambitious and I Chased my dream with, Sincerity of Purpose and Commitment despite the grievous Challenges that I encountered.
I graduated from the University at the age of 25 Stayed at home for one Year and got appointed at the age of 26.
As Young as a Boy, I wanted to be, Special Adviser to the Governor On Students Affairs but I was not given, but I kept on Pushing and identifying other Areas where I can Serve.
His Excellency by Recommendation Reconstituted the Bayelsa State Students Management Committee where at least one representative from each LGA in The State, to form the Committee and each of us with the Designation: Special Assistant to the Governor On Students Affairs. Some persons will say they never lobbied to get Appointment but I, Comr. Atti J. Moses lobbied. Thanks to his Excellency the Countriman Governor for finding me Worthy to Serve in his Administration, I'm ever grateful Sir.
About Six Months after my Appointment I was called to Camp in Ogun State and I was Posted to Odogbolu, I was Mad and furious because I never wanted to Serve in any place other than Abuja in National Assembly, there and then, I set my Compass and I was eventually relocated to Abuja were I am currently Serving.
Some Persons will say “ Wetin Concern Us ”
This My experience is not intended to impress anyone but to motivate those who are Passionate about a Particular thing or Career but the Obstacles are too numerous to Mention. I say don't give up, keep on pushing because you might be close to Success.
For all our Young ones you can be whatever you want to be, with God and Determination because faith without works is dead."

  • I remain my Humble Self Comr. Atti J Moses (Special Assistant to the Bayelsa State Governor On Students Affairs /Member Nigerian Youth Parliament)

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