See list of Bayelsa entertainers who left for Lagos to chase their dreams

List of Bayelsa entertainers that has left for Lagos in search of greener pastures and how well they are doing since there departure

1) Payper : No doubt Payper has been the most outstanding amongst all entertainers that left Their home Bayelsa to Lagos the center of entertainment..

Payper has successful gotten a better place in the Lagos music scene with good collabos with top shots in the music scene like YCEE, TERRY DA RAP MAN, BRAIZ all most of this songs enjoyed massive airplay on many big tv stations and more..Payper in his short time there has shown he's really determined to make it and breakthrough and we wish him nothing but the very best.

2) Derek Da wonder kid : The wonder kid is fast becoming a trend in Lagos as he has special interests from Kareem music boss @ Idriss Abdukareem who personally took him there..and as we speak presently, Derek has recorded songs with 2baba, Idris and some other top stars waiting to be released.. Just of recent he was seen hanging out with top nollywood legends such as Ramsey Noah and more at Elo hotels and suit..Derek's future is very bright and clear and we're certain he would breakthrough by Godsgrace.

3) Jaypaul Beat : signed to same label that owns talented singer,comedian and dancer KETCHUP, jaypaul comes third on this list for this reason..he seems to be making successes even though its not much...Jaypaul in his departure to Lagos has produced a song for then EME Star boy SHADY and this could tell he has gotten some form of recognition over there and we wish him all the best.

4) Slimkelz : Slimkelz the most outstanding Bayelsa production engineering also joined the Lagos train..He has made some efforts too..recorded a song with Braiz of kkbtm and so far That has been the only good move we've seen from him and we sure wish him all the best because e no easy oh..

5) Mc blast : Mc blast is blessed and very talented OAP and a jingle maker..before leaving, He has recorded the highest number of Jingles I Bayelsa and most were the best..Mc blast decided to join the Lagos bus because he feels he needs to go out of the box because he intends to make it big as those over there who he says are not better Tha him but are making more good money.though we are yet to hear any success story from him but we are hopefully he will breakthrough by God's grace.

6)Godsown : a very talented producer also joined the Lagos trip after producing the "Bass line" hit for JAHWONDA.Godsown has got the skills to make it even there but were yet to hear any success story from him too and we also wish him good luck..

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