Governor Dickson can't do it Alone ; Hon. Atti J Moses

 A Special assistant to the Bayelsa State governor, Hon. Atti .J. moses, has called on all entrepreneurs and good people of the state to continue in their best ability for the development of Bayelsa state

He said "Firstly I want to Commend all Bayelsans for their Perseverance and Commitment to their individual careers despite the hard times, Secondly I want to Commend all Business Men and Women, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Fashion designers, Agriculturists,Artisans etc for their Collective Support towards the State and His Excellency for a Prudence and Accountable Government".

He also said that his statement is not targeted at Praise Singing anybody but to raise a Social Consciousness to all Bayelsans and Well Wishers by critically analysing some Pertinent Issues affecting the General Well being of the State.

"His Excellency Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson the Executive Governor of Bayelsa State and His Deputy Rear Admiral Ggboribiogha John-Jonah are God Sent Leaders to Bayelsa State Reasons being that, Since the Inception of the Restoration Government the duos has done everything within their Power to ensure that there is Peace in Bayelsa State, development and Basic Social Amenities which Crisscross the Various LGAs in the State despite the the Economic Recession especially in the Area of Education and human Capacity development critically Noting the Ijaw National Academy, Senatorial District Roads, Modern Secondary School across the 8 LGAs etc.

Sometimes Majority of us Forgets or are Ignorant of How Government Works and It's Administrative Mechanism and this has greatly affected our Society to a Large extend, Especially when Some Respected Persons who are believed to educated and Enlightened say or involve in some activities that is not in line With the General well being of the State and this in return shapes the Orientation of the Viewers either Positively or Negatively.

We Should Understand that Governance is a Collective Responsibility, Hence there is the need for we all to Annex our God Given Potentials and Resources in building the State of our Dreams, an Ancient Philosopher by Name Aristotle ones said that ‘‘Nobody is an Island of Wisdom except he be a beast or a god ’’ in other words Governor Dickson and his Deputy are not Beasts or gods and they need our Support Morally, Intellectually, Spiritually Financially and other wise to build a better Bayelsa.

Although a Large Percentage of Bayelsans Believe there is nothing or little they can do to Contribute to the development of Bayelsa State but I put it to you all that each and Everyone of Us has a Large Responsibility and Role to Play . For Example if you are a Bayelsa State Student studying in any part of the World and you excel In Your Academics
Believe me when I say the Praise will go to you and the Glory Comes to the State , therefore I will want to Encourage every Bayelsan to be very Active in their Various Careers and always Put the State in their Prayers because even the Bible Succinctly Stated that the heart of Kings is in the hand of God.

Furthermore I want to Advise all Political Appointees of the Restoration Government to be up and Doing because Your Appointment is based on Administrative Convenience to reach out to The Masses in Various Areas because the Governor cannot be in all Places at all times because he is not Omnipresent we don't need to Make Vocal Proclamation before the Masses or People will know that we have a Responsive Government but our Actions in our Various Jurisdiction will Speak Louder for the Restoration Government . I also want to Urge all our Elected Leaders irrespective of Party Affiliations Both in the State Assembly and National Assembly To carry out Constituency Projects because this will further develop our State from the Grass Root Level and also our National Political Big wings are not left out" .

He also Commended His Excellency  RT. Hon. Henry Seriake Dickson and his Deputy for their Developmental Strives to keep up the good and not be deterred by any unguided Statement or Action from any body at any point in time or Place. In the Same Vein I want to equally urge everybody to key into the Restoration Government and Support it's Policies and Programs that is geared towards the Development of our dear State Bayelsa because we are all Stakeholders in this Government .

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