Comr. Atti Moses, talks on youth activism in Bayelsa state and Nigeria

Senior special assistant to the Bayelsa State Governor on student affairs/South South administrative secretary, Nigerian youth parliament, Hon. (Comr.) Atti J Moses, who aim and focus is to bring the youths and students of Bayelsa State together, has in a statement released to Reginald Tobin Blog, said that his aim is to give an intellectual and contempory definition to youth activism in Nigeria and Bayelsa State in particular. He said,

"My aim is to give an intellectual and contemporary definition to youth activism in Nigeria and Bayelsa State in particular

Sometimes I wonder if it's only Politics and other Social gatherings that Should bring our Youths together, What about the Intellectual Aspect where by Intellectuals will gather and Articulate on global and Local  issues affecting the Youths And Proffer Possible Solutions to some of our Challenges.

As Youths the Best way  and the first Step to Prepare for Leadership is not by Contesting Elections or Campaigning for Individuals but building your Intellectual Capacity and learn from those ahead with disciplined Consciousness and when the time is ripe the society will not be told but they will act.

It will be disastrous that after much Campaigns for the not too Young to run Bill and we are been given opportunities to Lead and we mess up in office because we didn't prepare ourselves before assuming offices.  It's said that a warrior  does not Learn how  to fight at the battle field."

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