Hon. Enemi Alabo George

Angala sits on the edge the shores
Drenched in agony from all she has lost.
With vigour she claws the clay
Fighting to stay
So she too is not washed away.
She’s lost in evocation
Reliving the exuberant circus of the limbless vertebrates
From different corners of her aquatic stadium.
But that was then.
Now she brawls with rue
She bewails her dwelling place
Which once was home indeed
And home truly it was.
Angala wails!
She’s battered beyond the carrying capacity
Of her unbending tenacity
Oh! The pestilence on her persistence.
Today, she watches the gambol of her amphibious goby
As he romps on the lustrous quilt of rude crude
Which now separates him from the comfort of his viscous sludge
The gloop which once was his playground
And the cheers of his cheerful muddy chair.
Will tomorrow ever come?
©2017 Enemi George
Hon. Enemi Alabo George is a serving member of the Rivers State House Of Assembly,
Representing Asari-Toru Constituency 2, Under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) 


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